Our business model revolves around servicing all areas of the chemical development, manufacturing and allied industries – from basic building blocks to advanced intermediates – through green chemistry and Technology. We also aim to leverage the intellectual property created through our R&D while commercializing processes and Technologies, and to explore partnerships for in- or out-licensing Technologies for mutual benefit.
While awareness of the environmental impact caused by mankind continues to grow and more environment-friendly Technologies are being incorporated into industrial processes across sectors, these Technologies tend to be applied at ‘the end of the pipe’. Though seemingly effective in the short run, these do not really lead to sustainable long-term development.

It is our aim to create processes and strategies wherein, from conception to manufacture and beyond, the use of resources and energy is optimized and the end product is created with the least possible impact on the environment. This cannot be achieved merely by continuously improving current Technologies, but will necessitate a paradigm shift in approach.

Sustainable Technology requires intense and far-reaching research, with an eco-friendly approach woven into every stage. With our own R&D and Technology Development Centre supported by an Analytical Development facility, ecoLogic is developing advances in chemical manufacturing Technology.